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Embryonic Stem Cells

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General Guidelines for Research papers

You will be required to use APA format for your assignments. This will require you to use APA 7th Edition. The library has copies of this manual but you may also use the American Psychological Association (APA) website as a reliable source. It is easy to navigate and is up to date on all APA rules.

Your assignments will also require you to locate and use peer-reviewed journal articles. These can be found using enCompass on the TVCC Library homepage.

Anatomical Model

APA Guidelines

12-point Times New Roman, double space is best but you may also use:

*11-point Calibri1

*11-point Arial

*11-point Georgia

Always check with your instrutor if they allow anything other than Times New Roman


Page Number (running page numbers)

Paper Title (Bold) (3-4 lines down from top of page)

Author (Student's Name)

Affiliation (Department and College Name)

Course (Number: Course Name)


Due Date (Date Format January 15, 2023)

*Double space after the Paper's Title

Both quotations and paraphrasing require citation. 

*Author's surname, Year (Dominick, 2023)

*If surname appears in text, the date is in parentheses immediately after the name. 

Dominick (2023) states....

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Articles that are written by experts and reviewed by several other experts in the field before being published.

How to use enCompass to find Scholarly Articles

Science Resources

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