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Career Resources

Make use of these Library resources to jump-start your job search. Contact the Library for the required usernames and passwords to access these resources off campus.


Films on Demand

Create your own login to take these short language courses. You can find these courses and more in the "Specialty Courses" section.

Create your own login to access eBooks, video tutorials, and interactive tests in this database. You can find resources related to these topics in the "Career Preparation" section.

  • Caseworker

  • Firefighting

  • Green Careers

  • Law Enforcement

  • Legal

  • Nursing

  • Teaching

  • and more!

  • Commercial Driver's License

  • Nursing (NCLEX)

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Real Estate

  • Teaching (NES, ParaPro, Praxis)

  • and more!

  • Prepare for ASVAB

  • Conduct a successful job search

  • Create great resumes and cover letters

  • Interview with confidence

  • Learn social networking skills

  • Strengthen business writing skills


Looking for more specific information? Customize your search with the Vocation and Careers Collection database.

To help narrow down your results during your search, use Boolean operators to connect search terms and quotation marks to search for multi-word phrases, like these examples:

automation and manufacturing

"aviation administration"

"federal laws" and regulations

"assisted living facilities"

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